Usefull Unix stuff

Setup PPP (Solaris)
Important Unix Commands (General)
Additional Commands for experienced users (General)
Unix exercise for beginners (General)
Listing of Unix Commands (General)

App to archive mails (General)
App to calculate diald usage (Linux)
App to log & calculate diald usage (Linux)
App to log into POP-server (Solaris & Linux)

Note: (General) means that it should work with any kind of UNIX.
(Linux) means that I just tested it under Linux but it might work on other platforms to.
Please let me know if you ported any of these apps.

Note: all application are still under development.

Unix related Links

RedHat (Linux distribution)
RedHat Erratas
Suse (Linux distribution)
WindowMaker (fastest and IMHO best WM)
WMFinder (Mac like file manager for WMaker)
AfterStep (Another WM)
Gimp binaries (Photoshop equvalent)
Freshmeat (here you can get the latest software)
Filewatcher (same as freshmeat but slower)
Fortify (Get 128Bit encryption for int. Netscape)
Linux in a Nutshell (Book)
Run Linux (Book)

more to come...

If you have questions I recommend first reading the man files and doc files (/usr/doc/... or click on the link above to LinuxDocs)
Subscribing to one of the mailing lists e.g. redhat-list@redhat.com (see www.redhat.com first) is a good idea.
If your questions are not answered there you can contact me.

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