TI-85 Games Read Me

To download a file, simply click on one of the hyper links (the file will be downloaded and should be post processed by StuffItExpander or by your UnZiper). For further information refer to the TI FAQs

If you don't have a link cable you can use the link program to view and print the files. If the program has problems opening the .85g files go to the FILE menu and select from the sub menu UTILITIES the item UNGROUP TI DATA FILES. Note: Most .85g files contain the program and some data structures which are necessary to run the program. If you would like to just type the code in, you have to define this data structures too otherwise you will get ERROR 14 UNDEFINED.

These Games are not written in Assembler, so they are not so fast, but still fast enough, since I'm using an accelerated version of the TI-85.


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